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Photographing Haiti, the cities, the fascinates me...but capturing the children...their beauty...the happiness with the very simplest things in life...that has become a passion of mine. Since 2012 I have worked with several organizations to shed light on the work they do...whether it is Ruuska Village, an orphanage outside of Port au Prince run by an amazingly tireless woman...Barbara Walker founded Reach Out to Haiti to help find orphaned Haitian children forever Joe Hurston who runs Air Mobile Ministries and provides Air Mobile Rescuers across the globe to villages without access to clean drinking Feed My Starving organization that provides Manna Packs, hand-packed meals specifically formulated for malnourished children, and late in 2014, with Hands Up For Haiti...a group of medical personnel who volunteered to work in Haiti immediately after the devastating earthquake of 2010. HUFH is a large network of physicians and nurses who lend their expertise to Haitian medical professionals. They support established clinics, hospitals, and outreach programs by providing direct patient care and educational programs.
I feel so lucky that I am able to use my gift to help these and other organizations raise awareness, money and support to an amazingly beautiful country and culture.